This blog is focused on growth and sharing what all I'm learning, understanding that growth does not end at adulthood, but carries on all the way until we are called out of this world. The content will be mostly theological in nature, but will also stray into other areas as well. Being still young in my intellectual development, many of my posts will simply share what I am learning through other authors, blogs, websites, etc. Sometimes I will add a little commentary. Other times I won't. Join me in my zeal for learning more about the eternal Word and the temporal world. Interact with my posts in the comments section, but do please be respectful and aware of the comment policy and that my time is limited and I will not be able to respond to everything.

Sinner Born, Sinner and Saint Bred will take largely from sources from a Lutheran Christian perspective. For more on this confession, see this page.

Hopefully both you and I get as much out of this blog as possible! For more on the origins and intentions of this blog, see my first blog post.