Friday, May 17, 2013

The "Trial Period"

To any readers who read my posts without linking from Facebook, this is a blog post worth checking out:

Pastoral Meanderings: The pursuit of fulfillment. . .

This is perhaps the biggest lie my fellow collegiate age adults have bought into. I will agree that we grow wiser over time, but we are never less sinful. Let the blessings of marriage and family be blessings and not be delayed, for as any happily married couple will tell you, their fulfillment isn't that they waited until it was the right time and they kept themselves from screwing up with one another by not rushing into marriage or parenthood by not being "ready," but rather their joy is that they kill their own desires on a constant basis for the sake of the other and their children, and nothing could be a greater blessing to one another, and no time is a better time than now.

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