Monday, July 9, 2012

More than voices on your shoulders

The conscience is like the...stomach? Check out these thoughts from an awesome pastor, Bryan Wolfmueller, who I had the pleasure of meeting last March and serves Hope Lutheran in Aurora, CO. He's also the home pastor for two of my best friends and co-hosts a radio show, Table Talk Radio, with another old friend.

Something’s Gone Wrong, The Four Things Your Conscience Knows

Everyone has a conscience, and this conscience tells us, “Things are not like they are supposed to be.” “Something’s wrong here!” That’s the voice of your conscience. It is a voice that accuses or excuses (Romans 2:15), that lets us know that this world is broken.
I think our conscience recognizes four types of wrong in the world: (1) something is wrong with the way I treat others, (2) something is wrong with the way others treat me, (3) something is wrong with the way other people treat other people, and (4) something is wrong with the world. Each of these conscience insights brings it own temptation, a false and sinful response to the voice of our conscience.

My voice is easier to hear than your conscience.
An Imprecise Instrument
The conscience is like our stomach, a very imprecise instrument. Our stomach tells us that we need to eat something so we stop hurting, but it does not tell us what to eat, when to eat, how to go to school to learn to read and write so that we can get a job and earn a living to buy food. Our stomach simply says, “Make the pain stop.” Many people have been led astray by their stomach, eating something deadly, drinking salt-water, etc.
So our conscience: it tells us that something is wrong, but does not give us directions to stop the pain. This, dear friends, is why there are so many religions, and so many worldviews. Every false religion is a man-made attempt to end the pain of our conscience. They all follow the same logic: My conscience is bad because I do bad things, so it will be good if I do good things. My conscience is bad because other people do bad things to me, so it will be good if other people treat me right. My conscience is bad because there are things wrong in the world, so it will be good if things in this world are fixed. Every religion (and worldview) combats a bad conscience with good works, but this never works. No matter how hard we try there is still sin, and death, and destruction, and things wrong around us.
Check out the rest at  The World-Wide Wolfmueller: Something’s Gone Wrong, The Four Things Your Conscience Knows

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